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Cold Chain Transportation

We presently own and operate a fleet of 50 plus refrigerated vehicles of various sizes which consists of 17 feet, 21 feet, 24 feet and 28 feet respectively.

Using specialised refrigerated /freezer trucks for temperature controlled transportation, RTPL offers seamless cold chain services to such industries as Pharma (both import raw materials and finished goods) Confectionaries etc., thereby contributing to maintaining the essence of the product right through its delivery. Drivers being the protagonists of the show, are the most important and valued assets of our company.
Salient features of this service:

  • Fitted with world renowned Carrier refrigeration system.
  • Containerized Puf insulated body that consistently maintains the desired temperature.
  • Fitted with Data Loggers to record the temperature inside the vehicles during transit.
  • GPS enabled vehicles that facilitates minute to minute tracking of the vehicle along with the temperature recording. Additional facility of alerts in respect of over speeding, breakdown, power failure, which facilitates initiation of immediate remedial action.
  • Vehicles maintained to the highest standards of efficiency and road worthiness.
  • The entire fleet consists of recently acquired vehicle with oldest vehicle being only 5 years old.
  • Well trained Employees including drivers for professional service.

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Normal Transportation

We are an established surface transport Company providing multi-modal transportation services since over 3 decades. We have fleet of more than 100 vehicles which involves movement of LCV, MCV, HCV, Part Load etc. The operational network covers western and extended Southern India.

Salient features:

  • Prompt , reliable and cost effective services
  • Drivers are the operational role model
  • Customized services as per clients requirement to ensure cutomer satisfaction
  • Safe and timely delivery of goods
  • Wide network catering to Western India
  • Time bound and Hassle free services

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Express Logistics

JIT being our mantra to success, we strive for getting your cargo at the right time at the right place. As we all know the infrastructural challenges faced by road transport in India, Express service is the most crucial category of service. The express division of RTPL offers time bound logistics service for time sensitive cargo on our routes of operations with committed delivery schedule.

Features include all of the Normal or Cold chain transportation features with a supervised production cycle analysis and time bound delivery to optimize your lead time.

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We offer flexible & secured storage at our excellent warehousing facilities at strategic locations on our network. Our warehousing facilities are completely equipped to handle bulk cargo including various other requirements such as Break bulk. We also handle cargo that is in units, packages, bags and much more.

Well-secured and spacious, our warehousing facility provides complete safety of the goods that includes intact storage, impervious to any kind of damage or contamination.
All the warehouses are well kept and maintained to ensure pollution free storage environment


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